SIZE250 grams
Sacred Yemeni Sidr Honey 34+

100% pure, organic and raw Yemeni Sidr honey sourced directly from our beekeepers in the remote Valley of Wadi Dawan.

Certified 34+ Total Activity. Individually batch tested at Analytica Laboratories.


There is no honey in the world that has the legacy of Sidr honey. Harvested from the ancient, sacred Sidr tree, the roots of this honey are beyond history books and therapeutic endeavors. Twice a year, bees sip the nectar from the floral blooms of this blessed tree, also known as the Lote tree, Christ’s thorn tree or Jujube tree.

The sacred Sidr tree grows wild and uncultivated in the mineral rich soil of the Wadi Dawan valley and is watered only by rainfall.


Every part of the Sidr tree – from roots and wood through to bark and leaves – has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Sidr honey has been a cornerstone of traditional medicine, trusted by generations for its potent healing properties and antimicrobial benefits.


Sidr honey is thick, rich honey, that offers a lavish and buttery sweet taste. It goes down smooth and is a delight to consume.

Consumption Method 

Sidr is best ingested on an empty stomach, dissolved in warm water (1 tsp – up to 3 tbsps daily). It can also be drizzled over foods, added to protein shakes etc. You can also mix Sidr honey with hot water, lemon and black seed oil for maximum effects. 

Sidr honey is also used topically for wounds and burns. Simply apply the honey directly to affected areas.




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